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The District Cardiological Centre, Surgut
25 years experience
In top 10 the best Russian hospitals
High-qualified cardioservice
The best doctors
All kinds of cardiovascular procedures
Affordable prices
Presence at hospital includes:
  • Nutrition, examination, treatment
  • Personalized individual support
  • Family accommodation
High quality! Rapidly! Accessible!

The Paid Services And Medical Marketing Department

The District Cardiological Centre. (The District Heart Centre) The Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous District, Surgut

Cardiovascular Surgery

Laboratory Diagnostics
  • The wide spectrum of laboratory investigations
  • Maximum accuracy
  • High quality
  • Rapid results
Athlete Check-Up
  • The training regime complete conclusion is given by a cardiologist
  • We have patients annual observation programs
  • We work on mass with ladies and men
  • (For ones who are 40 years old) Examination and observation are provided by gynecologist/urologist and endocrinologist
Family Profile
  • Diagnostic programs for all ages
  • The best doctors
  • The high quality equipment
  • Complex approach
Service approach
  • Personalized individual support
  • You can contact your doctor by e-mail if necessary
You are welcome to our Cardiological Centre (Heart Centre)
We save our patients time and help them to be healthy

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Welcome to the website of the District Cardiac Dispensary "Center for Diagnostic and Cardiovascular Surgery."

The origins of a healthy heart of each person originate in early childhood. “Heart” well-being of an adult person is formed in the conditions of his daily life, therefore, the problem of human coronary health is not only medical. This is the problem of the whole society.

We invite you to participate in the implementation of an important task - the formation of a healthy lifestyle of the population of the autonomous region. In this process, the desire and participation of every citizen is necessary.

We would like on this site to give you the opportunity to receive useful, important information, ask questions, leave a message or express your wishes and thus promote cooperation in our common cause, because it is fashionable to be healthy!
Ugra is in top 5 regions with the lowest cardiovascular mortality

  • The first open heart surgery in Ugra was done by the District Cardiological Centre doctors 20 years ago
  • The District Cardiological Centre is the leading consulting hospital in Ugra
  • The District Cardiological Centre is one of the best clinics in Ugra. Residents of Ugra trust their lives to the District Cardiological Centre team everyday
  • The District Cardiological Centre preventive projects

Medical tourism in Russia

How to Receive Medical Treatment in Yugra Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Center

Step 1:

Define your goals for medical treatment (according to the list of medical services)

Step 2:

Apply for a consultation by phone: +7 (951)977-9095 or by e-mail:

Step 3:

Our staff members will get in touch with you to confirm the availability of medical services and help you assess the estimated costs of your treatment

Step 4:

  • Choose your accommodation;
  • Choose suitable types of transportatio;
  • Apply for a visa.

Step 5:

Welcome to Yugra Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Center


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